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Political Meetings boosts; Representatives of US, Britain, and UN Meet with Rabbani

The Afghan secretary of state Salahuddin Rabbani met with UN’s special representative to Afghanistan Tadamichi Yamamoto, John Arbus, Nicholas Kay, and Pierre Maydon, ambassadors of the US, Britain, and NATO senior civilian Representative Cornelius Zimmermann late Sunday.

During the meeting, the representatives and ambassadors were said to have expressed their deep impression on the recent terrorist incidents, in particular, the incident of Sedarat intersection.
The recent tensions between Kabul and Balkh were the main issue discussed between Mr. Rabbani and political ambassadors.
Although several days ago, it was said negotiations between Jamiat Islami and ARG palace achieved results, but after the escalation of tensions in Balkh province, the visits of political representatives from different countries to the parties of the political conflict have increased.

It is worth mentioning that US ambassador’s statement made several days ago, received a harsh reaction of Hezb-e Jamiat Islami.

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