Promises of Pakistan’s intelligence chief is Hollow: Nabil

Rahmatullah Nabil, former head of the national security says that the visit of Pakistani officials from Kabul, is not for providing peace in Afghanistan, but Pakistan follows its own sinister goals.
According to (DID) news agency report, the trip of Pakistani intelligence chief to Kabul is not for maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan, but it has planned to attain Pakistan’s evil goals. Rahmatullah Nabil told (VOA) said.
“Naveed Mukhtar like former Pakistani military and intelligence leaders will give promises such as: bringing Taliban to negotiation and preventing the spring assault of the group against the government of Afghanistan, which all will be hollow promises.” Ex-president of national security said.
It is noteworthy that Naveed Mukhtar, chief of Pakistan’s military intelligence (ISI) traveled to Kabul at the head of a high-level delegation yesterday and visited with the heads of national unity government.

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