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Security plans as a theory of Nabil

Presidential candidate Rahmatullah Nabil choose Kabul Serina as his venue to reveal his election manifesto with the primary focus on security. He also chose a circle of intellectuals and security experts from across the country to have their feedback. Mr Nabil used a projector to illustrate his points and his presentation was very well received.

His programme for running the country seemed consistent with their election slongan Security & Justice. He showed that Security & Justice are intertwined and one is not possible without the other. Two key words would describe his plans best – efficiency and effectiveness.

He revealed no extravaganza of false promises to raise salaries or spend more. Instead, in Mr Nabil’s view there is already enough resources being injected into the country’s but due to inefficiencies big spends make small impacts. He promises to reverse that and achieve big impacts from small spends.

He identified weaknesses that cause insecurity, outflux of talents and capital from the country, and ever growing insecurity.

He promises to bring coordination and as an example he said there are three counter terrorism agencies in NSD, Interior ministry and ministry of defence but zero coordination hence a lot of waste and duplication of effort and resources. We only need one agency but an effective one. He is certain he can use available resources and establish a counterterrorism agency second to none.

Presidential candidate Mr Nabil showed sound understanding of geography of his homeland and the importance of managing administrative units better. He criticized the current system for not recognizing the strategic differences between various districts. A one size fits all doesn’t work, different districts have different significance, needs, location hence need t have prioritised accordingly.

A striking message was to bring the religious authorities closer to the government. If Afghanistan was the birthplace of Imam Abu Hanifa, why can’t we manage our religious affairs internally and rely on some foreign authorities to give fitwa. We have so far failed to speak with one voice with our religious clerics and de-legitimise the Taliban war and suicide attacks. This will change when we take office.

Throughout his plan he emphasised the need to understand the nature of war and respond accordingly. The war is an intelligence war and our response must be the same. He highlighted the importance of having centres of research and development for security in order to set strategies.

He also promised to respond to neighbours’s use of Afghanistan as their buffer zone for their own security. If their buffer zone line crosses my country, I will make sure we have similar interests in their territory and this is not difficult we have the capacity and resources, he added.

The event was concluded by a Q&A session and all attendees were handed a more detailed copy of their election manifesto.

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