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Security sector’s leadership needs to change: Ata M. Noor

Ata Mohammad Noor, Balkh governor reacted to the collapse of Taywara district in Ghor province and Kohestanat in Faryab province, saying it is the weakness of security sector leadership and needs to be changed.
“The weakness of the security sector has been the cause of the massacre in Ghor province and the increase of the insecurity in the country,” Mr. Noor said, according to Balkh provincial press office.
Balkh governor also said that Taywara district which is was an unconquerable fortress in Ghor province, was occupied by an unequal and organized war, and the people including the health workers and the patients were slaughtered in a cruel program.

“The incident besides showing the weakness of the security sector and its leadership, is the most dangerous way that the designers will pay a great price for this anti-human crime,” the chief executive of Hezb-e Jamiat Islami added.
“Along with the occupation of Taywara district, the collapse of Lolash district in Faryab, the intensity of war in Badakhshan, Kundux, Baghlan, and some districts around Balkh province and other parts of north indicate that the stances of national coalition to save Afghanistan is precise and accountable that the security sector leadership is inefficient that this leadership must change, otherwise the people will suffer the cost of their deficiency.
Balkh governor has already demanded fundamental changes in the security sector of what he considered it “inefficiency of the country’s security officials.”

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