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Sources of terrorism must be dried!

In connection with the claim to fight terrorism, we have witnessed an important event and an important news, in the recent days. The important event was the use of the most powerful non-nuclear bomb by the U.S forces in “Achin” district of Nangarhar province to destroy the centers and shelters of ISIS forces. The important news was the trip of America’s national security adviser to Kabul and visiting the government and security officials and declaring serious and resolute support from the government of Afghanistan and continuing the process of counter-terrorism.

Using the biggest non-nuclear bomb in Nangarhar province, is the first costly and strong attack of America on the base of the terrorist groups, after the fall of Taliban from power, according to political and military experts.

It is said that the attack entered heavy casualties and seriously damaged the body and the position of Daesh group. Off course, the use of this bomb has sparked different for and against reactions. Hamid Karzai, former president harshly criticized and opposed the case, he even accused the country’s officials of national treason; but the government of Afghanistan welcomed the attack and said it has been done in coordination with the government authorities.

Meanwhile, American officials seem pleased with the result of the attack. “They made roadside bombs and also created strong tunnels to strengthen their defense level in Afghanistan, due to recent losses that have been entered to Daesh (ISIS), especially the Khorasan group.” John Nicholson, commander of U.S forces in Afghanistan said. “The use of this bomb was an appropriate measure to deal with the recent activities of Daesh (ISIS) and has reduced the need for further attacks,” he added.

As it was said, the other important news is the visit of America’s national security adviser from Kabul. General McMaster at the meeting with the leaders of Afghanistan government, stressed that terrorists will not have a safe haven in Afghanistan; he explained that terrorists will not have any safe haven in Afghanistan anymore, due to the efforts and joint struggle of the defense and security forces of Afghanistan and the international troops. Afghanistan should maintain international support by reducing its requirements. He knew terrorism and narcotic drugs, a serious and common peril to the region and the world, and a joint and serious measure should be conducted to fight against them.

However, both mentioned subjects, in fact, are another emphasis on continuing counter-terrorism and eliminating risks and common threats that Afghanistan and the world face with it. The fact is that nobody disagreed with these issues, but strongly stressed on it and supported it, but the important thing is that this is not the first time that such measures have been done to counter or suppress terrorists and armed groups linked to it. In fact, the presence and role of international troops and various support, including military backing from Afghanistan, all have been done to confront and fight against terrorism since 2001. As many officials from the European countries and America have traveled to Afghanistan that each stressed on the fight against terrorism and countering the common threat; but after more than fifteen years, unfortunately, terrorism and violence and insecurity not only have been disappeared in the country but also appear in the new forms and faces every day and the people of Afghanistan and the world still see its shadows on their lives. The people in Europe and America still go to bed with terrorism nightmare and the people in the region and world mourning their loved ones every day; the government of Afghanistan still have to allocate a large part of its budget to security and counter opposition issues that it definitely has a negative effect on the process of rebuilding projects. In addition, country’s security forces suffer casualties in the fight against scaremongering every day. It is also counted a great loss for the country and the government.

Therefore, the question is that why do measures taken in the fight against terrorism have not had any benefit so far? Can terrorism be defeated just by escalating military actions? Do oppositions and the presence of terrorist groups just have security aspect or other contexts should be considered? Do internal and external sources of terrorism have been recognized well? What actions have been conducted to dry up those sources so far? Do Afghanistan and the U.S.A will be able to control and curb the insurgency, without regional and international coordination and consensus? And …

The truth is that terrorism does not have one face that can be suppressed and curbed by just military measures. A comprehensive process should be done on political, economic and cultural fields. As terrorism being strengthened by internal areas as well as being supported by external sources that must be dried. Finally, there are main challenges in the fields of good governance too, that paved the way for the lack of strong governance and law and in return, opposition and terror groups appeared. Therefore, it is expected that seriousness, honesty and a comprehensive process should be done to wrap up the fight against terrorism, so there should not be any need to use such destructive and terrible bomb.

Murad Muradi – (DID) news agency

Translated by: Taher Mojab

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