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Survey Shows out of every 100 Afghans, 7 want “Emirate”, 70 want “Republic”

Findings of a new survey from the Afghan people on the peace and the future of the country, indicate that 69 percent of the Afghans consider “the Islamic Republic” as the best option for a lasting peace.

The survey which has been conducted by the Institute of War and Peace Studies shows that an overwhelming majority (85.67%) of the Afghan people are optimistic about the current peace talks with the Taliban while considering the “Islamic Republic” as the best option for a lasting peace in the country.
“69% of the respondents prefer the Islamic Republic as the best prescription to maintain sustainable peace in the country while only 7% of the respondents opted for Islamic Emirate,” said the polls.
“65% of the respondents said that the Taliban should be disarmed and reintegrated into normal life while 55% of the respondents said that the Taliban should apologize to their victims,”

According to the survey, 36% of the respondents stated the Taliban’s cruelty as their source of concern about the Taliban. 49.5% of the respondents across the country stated that they do not like any of the Taliban’s services (social justice, security, discipline, and economic opportunity).
“67.80% of the respondents show trust in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, stating that their security is maintained by the government and 68.40% of the respondents said that they go to the government to resolve their disputes,” the survey added.

Nearly 42% of the respondents, meanwhile, said they would leave the country if they had the chance.
On the other hand, 40% of respondents said that India is the friendliest country to Afghanistan while only (4%) chose Pakistan as the best friend of the country in the region.

The total number of the survey respondents is (8.465), of which (64.30%) includes male and (35.70%) includes female respondents. This survey has been conducted in eight regions (Kabul, central, east, north, northeast, south, southeast, and west) using a structured questionnaire.

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