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Taliban Formed “Shia Rights Review Commission”

Taliban officials announced the establishment of a “Shia Rights Review commission, saying that the commission will study the political and legal status of Shiites in Afghanistan.

Qari Hafez Zakerullah, a Taliban official, said on Monday afternoon that the commission was set up by Taliban leaders to decide on the political status and civil rights of Shias in Afghanistan.

Qari Zakerullah, who is leading the commission, says the structure and activities of this commission will be announced soon.
“We started talks with influential people and representatives of the Shiites of Afghanistan a month ago, and tried to make all of them pledge allegiance to the Islamic Emirate, and then decide on their status in the government,” he explained.

The formation of the commission comes as the Taliban formed an acting government in which all members are Taliban, mostly Pashtuns, and no place was given to other ethnic groups in Afghanistan, especially Shiites.

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