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Taliban Want to Seize Power by Force / We will not allow the Afghan government to fall: Mohib

The Taliban want to seize power by force, says National Security Adviser (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib, adding that the Afghan people and government will not allow the Taliban to overthrow the establishment.

“The Taliban are not committed to peace, Mohib told VOA, who was on a trip to the US with President Ashraf Ghani.
“Taliban have so far shown no commitment to peace, the Taliban wanted to make concessions out of the peace talks, and they did, one of their commitments was to have meaningful negotiations, but they have not done so yet. We have never seen a commitment from the Taliban to peace. The Taliban aspires to gain power by force,” said NSA Mohib.

According to him, for the first time, the Taliban have turned from a covert war to an open one. On the eve of foreign forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban wanted to imply this sense among the people that the government will fall with the departure of foreign forces.
“Although the Taliban have made some progress in recent days, this is not something we cannot stop. The Taliban have shifted from a covert war to an open one. They have military ranks and their ranks will break and the situation will change,” said Mohib, adding that the people and the government will not allow the system to fall.

On the Afghan delegation’s trip to Washington led by President Ghani, NSA said that after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, a new window will open in Kabul-Washington relations, in which the details of the new chapter of relations will be discussed with President Joe Biden and other politicians.

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