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The Venue of Negotiations Should Not Delay Talks: Abdullah

The chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) stressed that the venue of the negotiations should not put off the talks. According to him, the government’s negotiation team will go to the next round of talks with clear guidance.

Addressing the second round of the leadership committee of HCNR on Saturday morning, Abdullah Abdullah, head of the council, said that in this meeting they will listen to the members of the negotiating team’s report.
“The negotiating team had 90 days of serious talks in Doha. It is now important that the delegation goes to the second round of talks with clear guidance,” he said. “the venue of negotiations should not postpone the talks. The delegation should participate in the negotiations with confidence,” he added.

According to him, there is a firm and serious will for peace. The international community, the regional countries, and the Afghan people have declared their support for peace. The people of Afghanistan want a dignified, just, and lasting peace in which national and Islamic values and achievements are protected and a peaceful life with themselves and the world.
“The HCNR and the negotiating team have a big responsibility. Our responsibility is to end the suffering of the Afghan people,” he continued. “This is the daily story of the Afghan people. There is no higher priority than acceptable and dignified peace. This high cost reflects the responsibility and duty of us and the negotiating team,” he added, referring to the several explosions that took place in Kabul.

According to Abdullah, the negotiating team is responsible for the HCNR and it has the council’s full support.
“The Afghan negotiating team represents the diversity of Afghanistan. All board members are trusted by the council. A board member should never think that he or she is not involved in the process. Everyone owns the process,” he emphasized.

This was the second meeting of the leadership council of the HCNR. The first meeting was held and opened at the presidential palace (Arg) after months.

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