U.S to enlist Pakistan as state sponsors of terrorism

Draft plan for putting Pakistan on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, was sent to the U.S parliament by some lawmakers of this country.
Pakistan must be known as an untrustworthy ally of the United States and sponsor of terrorism. According to the draft.

A number of US lawmakers believe that Pakistan placed its enemies and backed terrorism for years and had encouraged them. So, Washington’s donations to Islamabad should be discontinued.
Pakistan is not only an untrustworthy ally, but also this country has helped and supported US enemies for years, head of counter-terrorism subcommittee of America’s parliament said.
Harboring Osama Bin Laden, warm relationship with Haqqani network and other evidences show that Pakistan is not on America’s side in the war against terrorism, then it’s time to cut off financial aid to the country and be placed in the list of State sponsors of terrorism as well.

If this draft is approved, all US funds will be cut to Pakistan under the name of counter-terrorism.
The draft says that Pakistan with the US money supported and strengthened terrorism, instead of fighting them.
The plan obliges the United States’ president to offer a report on the basis of cooperation or lack of cooperation with Pakistan in the fight against terrorism, to the country’s congress within 90 days.

The State department is also required to offer the report of putting Islamabad’s name in the list of countries that support terrorism, to the congress within 30 days.
The draft has been done together with Afghanistan’s complain from Pakistan to the U.N, based on the country’s transgressions to Afghanistan’s soil.

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