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US Breaks all agreements: Russian security chief

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev believes that Washington conceals its Cold War-era expansionist positions behind the notion of “aggressor states,” he said in an interview with Russia’s Fakty weekly.
“There are real economic interests and the same Cold War-era expansionist positions that did not change for decades behind the images of ‘aggressor states’ imposed by Washington,” he said.
According to Tass News agency, the Security Council secretary noted that “the new American National Security Strategy calls Iran and North Korea ‘rogue regimes,’ and Russia and China revisionist authoritarian states that challenge the US and strive to undermine its security.”
Patrushev named “advancing American influence in the world” and “preserving peace through strength” among the priorities of the US national security strategy set out in the document.
Patrushev noted. “The history of the 20th century contains many examples of what disastrous consequences such influence from abroad may lead to.”
The United States continues breaking the agreements it reached earlier with other countries, he said.

“They are threatening to impose sanctions not only on Russia, but also the Europeans and China, which has been recently hit by another round of anti-dumping measures,” he said.

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