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Why Arabia, read Taliban as ‘terrorist’?

The Saudi ambassador in Kabul expressed words that after some calculation, the real and logical relations can be obtained.
Mr Al-Harbi said that “Riyadh, sees Taliban as a terror group” and Qatar hosts Taliban’s political office and providing its financial relations with countries in the world.
He also said that there has not been any problem in Afghanistan-Arabia historical ties in the past decades and Arabia as an advanced country, sees Afghanistan as an Islamic country.

There are four main points in the statements of the acting head of the Saudi embassy in Kabul, each of which is questionable and contemplative:

First, when has Taliban been described as a Terror group for Saudi Arabia? Obviously, this was not from the beginning, and now that Arabia has a political problem with Qatar, the Saudi stance has been popped up. Because before that, Saudi Arabia was among the three countries that recognized Taliban rule for the first and last time, and was the biggest financial source for the Islamic Emirate of Taliban, when it announced its existence, even after the emergence of Daesh, it continued to back Taliban too, but strategic support from ISIS/ISIL was prioritized.
Secondly, Qatar’s hosting and providing the Taliban’s financial relations with other countries, is confessed by Saudi Arabia, about a country that was a strategic ally of Arabia in supporting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and has been counted as a partner of that country, a bitter reality that has been proved to everyone.

Third, contrary to Al-Harbi’s remarks, there have been serious and undeniable problems in Afghan-Saudi historical relations in the recent decades. Arabia has funded and backed a regime that massacred, tormented and tortured Afghan people, and after Taliban collapsed, the support and funding continued.
Fourth, to consider Arabia as an advanced country is questionable, both in terms of democracy and human rights and the right of minorities and other civilization criteria, Saudi Arabia is one of the most back warded countries in the world.
If Arabia sees Afghanistan as an Islamic country, how does it justify the massacre of innocent people and the terrible terrorist attack in the history of mankind by Daesh and other Saudi-backed terrorist groups?

In the end, the secret of Saudi Arabia’s negative comments on the Taliban lies in the emergence of ISIS/ISIL, which after the emergence of this alternative, the Taliban have become burnt claws for Saudi Arabia and the United States, because they have found a better alternative to them.
Dr. S. Abdul Wahhab Rahmani – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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