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Why do migrants turn to Violence in Europe?

Immigration is a phenomenon that has long existed in human societies and today not only the form has changed, but also added to its volume. The motivation of migration has seen many changes up to now. In the past, there was no compulsory migration, except few cases. Today, in addition to factors such as achieving better economic sources, compulsion for emigration has changed into the main factor to abandon a country. As we have recently witnessed a large volume of migration to the European countries that a large part of these people are refugees from war-torn countries. War and bloodshed have become a factor that force the people to leave their place, in order to keep their lives and family and seek a place to live there. Recent wars in the third world countries displaced a lot of people and they have turned to European countries and chose Europe to continue to live. But what today has become the headlines of world media, are violent acts carried out by immigrants in European countries.

In the most recent incident that took place, an Afghan citizen injured several German citizens with a knife, who finally come down by police intervention.

But the question is that why such actions are done by emigrants? Whereas, European countries had not forced them to enter into their countries. The issue, separate from any other dimension, can be discussed this way: when a person or people leave a country and enter into a target country, this has various dimensions, such as economy, culture and politics. On the political side, when a person enters a country like an Afghan in Germany must obey the rules and regulations of that country. Apparently, the newcomer accepts the rules of that country, but what is there, is an irreconcilable conflict between the laws and regulations of the target country and the newcomer in there; because the immigrant thinks the new values in the form of “law” is imposed, considering the values of his/her own country and concludes that he/she was humiliated. This type of interpretation and humiliation, in the long run, leave traces that will appear in the form of violence. This violence is a kind of protest against the status. They are seeking revenge, sometimes by wounding other people and sometimes by conducting terror attacks; because they consider themselves humiliated in those communities and seeking to disrupt the social order by any means possible to achieve their goals.
Sayed M. Taqi Hussaini – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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