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Will U.S Withdrawal Cause Chaos in Afghanistan/ What is their Definition of Chaos?

The American media outlet (Washington Post) wrote in a brief analysis quoted from the American generals that “if the United States leaves, the Taliban wins.”

The American media outlet (Washington Post) wrote in a brief analysis quoted from the American generals that “if the United States leaves, the Taliban wins.”
The analysis added: “The United States will have invited a protracted, chaotic, bloody civil war, not another Vietnam. It would involve Taliban factions, as well as the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and Afghan warlords and their ethnic militias, all pitted against one another for turf and assets.”

It seems that the definition and conception of American generals, analysts, and politicians, is completely contrary to what the “chaos” brings to the minds of the world.
If we take a look at the 17-year history of American military and politicians in Afghanistan, we can easily conclude that chaos has been fueled by Americans over the years.

Transferring Daesh (ISIL/ISIS);
The United States and its allies are accused of transferring ISIL terrorists from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan, providing their field of activity in the country.

If this claim was made only by Iran, we would have shun it with the usual method of American politicians and said, “Well! Iran is hostile to the United States,” and that’s why it raises such issues. But this issue is also posed by even former America’s allies (Pakistan and Turkey), so it is not a baseless claim.

Interfering in internal affairs of Afghanistan;
From American sergeants to US president, all meddle in internal affairs of Afghanistan. As foreign interference in domestic affairs of a country causes the crisis and emerges chaos in the country.
If we refer to the book “envoy” written by the former American ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmai Khalilzad, it is clear that the United States has meddled in every issue.
From appointing governors to restricting the role of Mujahidin in power which undoubtedly, the chain assassination of prominent Mujahidin figures are defined in the same circle as well. The latest US intervention in Afghanistan’s internal affairs was the statement of John R Bass about Kabul – Balkh tensions.

Creating sensitivities for neighbors and Russia;
The measures and actions of the US military and politicians in the country have led to the sensitivity of the western and southern neighbors as well as Russia.
If we look at Iran’s dissatisfaction with US actions, it is likely that Iran has also lost its confidence about the independence of the government of Afghanistan and monitors the situation to have a suitable response to America.

Russia has increased its military presence in the Central Asian region and every day expresses its concern over the transfer of ISIL terrorists by unknown helicopters (while Afghanistan’s airspace is in the hands of NATO).

Overnight operations on residential houses in different parts of the country, prisons outside Afghanistan’s laws, frequent blasphemy, flagrant interference in internal affairs and electoral system, supporting a government and a president which emerged out of a national inevitability, and now that is immersed in political monopoly and conspiracy; are all the obvious examples of “chaos.”

Yet, one must ask that what the definition of our American friends of chaos is and why do they whisper in the ears of unaware taxpayers that if the US leaves Afghanistan, chaos reigns this country.

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