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Exporting Afghan Chilgoza to China Kicks off Via Air Corridor

The first chilgoza pine shipment to China began on Tuesday 6 November through air corridor.

The first chilgoza pine shipment to China began on Tuesday 6 November through air corridor.
According to the agreement between the Afghan government and China, chilgoza product will be exported through Kabul-Shanghai air corridor.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony of the air corridor, president Ghani said: “our hidden treasury will turn into a national wealth, and in honor of this, every year, 15 Aqrab (6 November) will be celebrated as national chilgoza products.”
“the development of any part of Afghanistan’s national wealth needs cooperation, and due to such cooperation, the Afghan-Chinese air corridor is being opened to export chilgoza,”
“the bitter truth is that the Afghan chilgoza was previously exported in the name of other countries, but after this, it will be exported in the name of Afghanistan,”
“the foreign aids have made us lazy, no country in the world has become wealthy by foreign aids, we should invest heavily on our resources; every item of our products should turn into a value,” president Ghani said. “the Afghan chilgoza and nuts should seem like a national resource,” he stressed.

The Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan described the inauguration of the air corridor for Afghan products important, saying this way, the people of China will also get access to high-quality materials with low price.
According to him, a new airway has been added to the Chinese relations, and the capacity of Afghanistan in exporting goods will be increased as well.

It should be noted that 20 tons of chilgoza will be exported to China daily via the air corridor.

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