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Perpetrators of Moscow Attack Likely Rooted in Terrorist Centers in Afghanistan – National Resistance Council

DID Press: Reacting to the terrorist attack in Moscow, the National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan says “It is quite possible that the perpetrators of the Moscow attack are also rooted in terrorist centers hosted, supported and equipped by the Taliban group”.

“As currently more than twenty-two terrorist groups are active and supported by the ruling group in Afghanistan, this could pose a serious potential security threat that requires a joint struggle,” the council said in a statement on Saturday, reacting to the deadly ISIS attack in a concert hall in Moscow.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghaistan – composed of figures opposed to the Taliban – said: “Terrorism, as a common enemy of humanity, is a threat to security and stability wherever it occurs, necessitating a collective struggle against this ominous phenomenon.”
The National Resistance Council for the Salvation condemned the bloody Moscow incident as a savage attack, and emphasized comprehensive and aligned confrontation against terrorism.

The deadly attack in Russia has recieved widespread global reactions which according to Russian media reports, the number of people killed in the attack has reached 143, with dozens injured.
ISIS terror group claimed responsibility for this attack.

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