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Government Pushing to its Tyranny by barring Nabil

Following the publication of reports about the former Afghan chief of NDS Rahmatullah Nabil, banning him to return to the country from the US, Mehwar-e Mardom-e Afghanistan said, this government’s decision is a flagrant violation of the rights of citizens and the government is committed to more monopoly and tyranny.

On Sunday, reports released on media outlets that government banned Rahmatullah Nabil to return to the country from the United States as well as declaring him barred.

The decision was made by the government after Mr. Nabil intended to reveal the suspicious and systematic activities of the current government leadership during the past presidential election, Mehwar said in a statement.
Mehwar-e Mardom-e Afghanistan emphasized, Mr. Nabil will return to the country and continue his political work.

According to Mehwar-e Mardom: “The heads of the national unity government think that by adopting such a decision, they can undermine the will of the Afghan people to have a legitimate and law-abiding government and terrorize activists and opposition leaders. The government is unaware that today, the voice of justice and that having a legitimate government based on the people’s votes are voiced more than ever.”

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