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Hidden Layers of Abu Dhabi Talks; from Regional Transactions to Humiliating Kabul

A horrible scenario is being written in the region. In this scenario, Afghanistan will be kept at the same level, Daesh (ISIS) will be expanded and.

Abu Dhabi talks held in the United Arab Emirate among Americans, Taliban group, Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia is perhaps the most encouraging talks; Americans have had with Taliban.
The summit and the news leaked on media outlets followed reactions of the second vice president as well as the adviser to the Afghan national security council; then, the US special representative for Afghan reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad has had interviews with two private media and “disregarded” the reaction of the national security council.
The current system of Afghanistan is the only official representative of the nation, based on the constitution of the country and international legitimacy. Any group or faction that agrees or negotiate with the Afghan side, must be through the government’s channel. But in talks between the Taliban and the Americans, particularly in Abu Dhabi talks, the Afghan government has been severely bypassed, its delegation has been humiliated and it seems that “serious” deals are on the way.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Pakistan are the countries that have recgnised the Taliban regime. In Abu Dhabi, four sides discussed Afghan peace process but Afghanistan was Absent. The three sides are clear that were former supporters of Taliban Emirate, the other side is America which was not the representative of the government and nation either. Therefore, the government of Afghanistan was absent in the talks and should be angry.

Abu Dhabi talks is very suspicious. It seems that the neutralized circles of the Taliban leadership have been disbanded in the system and their war machine will continue under the “ISIS” umbrella or any other name.

At the Abu Dhabi summit, the subject of talks has not been peace and long-term stability in this war-torn country, the key and terrifying subject of discussion was how ISIS is being transferred to the Afghan-Pakistani border and the implementation of the terrorist project, this time under the ISIS umbrella.

Abu Dhabi talks in no way detract from the sudden withdrawal of US troops from Syria, their 50% decline in Afghanistan and the Middle East developments. A horrible scenario is being written in the region. In this scenario, Afghanistan will be kept at the same level, Daesh (ISIS) will be expanded and its financial costs will be provided by Arab Sheikhs. Pakistan is the planner and the US is drawing its roadmap.

The American-Arab-Pakistan triangle, which was formed in the 1980s, is likely to be re-emerging, and the only difference with the Soviet era is the increased attention to Central Asia and the western borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
A terrifying proxy war is on the way. Be vigilant!
Shokohmand – DID Press Agency

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