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Mr Ghani, Neither Hazaras Dead Nor they lost their Zeal – says Mohaqiq

Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, the leader of Hezb-e Wahdat-e Islami of the people of Afghanistan and the deputy to the Executive Directorate reacted against a number of issues.

Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, the leader of Hezb-e Wahdat-e Islami of the people of Afghanistan and the deputy to the Executive Directorate reacted against a number of issues like prosecution case of Abdul Razaq Wahidi, the former Minister of Communication and Information Technology, the decision taken by the government and the election commission about Ghazni province to zone-base the province and the Taliban movements in Ghazni’s Hazara-based regions.
He strongly warned ARG and the team of the president.

“Collecting the 10 percent communication tax was the duty of former Finance Minister Eklil Hakimi, which he did not do, because the finance minister was involved in the financial and political corruption circle of the Presidential Palace. He was not only tried but also received the medal of Amanullah Khan,” said the second deputy to the Executive Directorate Mohammad Mohaqiq.
“But Razaq Wahidi, the former communication Minister was prosecuted without committing a crime, because he was a member of Ashraf Ghani’s rival team during election campaigns and also a Hazara. Mr Ghani feels that Hazaras have no political, security and legal backing in this country,” Mohaqiq added, “the main motive of this ridiculous play derives from the personal revenge-feeling of Mr Ghani due to a solid vote of Hazara People in the 2014 presidential election which was a firm slap on his face”.

The second deputy to the Executive Directorate said the trial of former Communication Minister was a “ridiculous electoral show” on the eve of parliamentary election against the people of central Ghazni province.

Warning the ARG team about facing the people of Hazara, Mr Mohaqiq wrote: “be careful Mr Ghani! We have chosen patience so far, not because of the favorable status of the government but because of the interests of the country and the prevention of national division. Now that you are seeking national division and does not stop your attacks against the people of Hazara – one day in political front, the other day in the legal scene; understand that it is not like what you think, neither Hazaras are dead nor they lost their zeal. These measures are the beginning of confrontation with Hazara people. We will take the necessary political and civil measures which it will cost high price for you”.

Mr Mohaqiq sends a message to CEO Abdullah Abdullah in his writing as well. He called on Abdullah to stand against ARG’s movements and if he does not take any action, the people of Hazara themselves will stand against it.

Mohaqiq also pointed to the issue of eliminating the Hazara generals within the framework of the country’s armed forces, adding that “omitting these generals have taken place against the cadres of the Hazara people, and the presidential palace seeks to eliminate Hazara cadres from the government.

In the end, Mr Mohaqiq has called on the International Community and embassies of pro-government countries to prevent ARG’s offensive against a particular ethnic group, otherwise, the consequences will be on their shoulders as well.

Earlier, in response to Taliban movements in Jaghori district of Ghazni province, Mohammad Mohaqiq had said that these movements will switch a civil war in the country.

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