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Omicron; Doctors’ Concerns and the Afghan Crisis

Rasoul Shahzad – Didpress Agency
Following the rapid spread of a new coronavirus (Omicron) variant worldwide, doctors in Afghanistan are expressing concerns, advising people to strictly adhere to health protocols as this variant may be deadlier than previous ones.

Speaking to Didpress Agency, Massoud Ahmadi, a doctor in Kabul, said that since Afghanistan is a country which its people are living in poverty, they should protect themselves more against the spread of viruses, compared to other countries.

“As the mortality rate of the new COVID variant is unknown in Afghanistan, the people should protect themselves carefully,” Dr. Ahmadi warned. “Although it is not yet clear how much the Omicron spread across the country, it seems that it has entered Afghanistan,” he added.

Laila Sadat, another doctor in Kabul, told Didpress Agency that Afghanistan passed the first and second waves of the coronavirus relatively well and this was not possible without the cooperation of the people.
“Ministry of Public Health should inform people about Omicron to prevent the spread of the virus,” Sadat said. “Although the people are in a critical economic situation, they should be very careful regarding the Omicron variant because Afghanistan does not have the means to treat people in the current situation,” she added.

According to her, the best way to fight this virus is to follow medical instructions. People should wear masks, keep social distance, and avoid unnecessary gatherings. Otherwise, the Omicron may be more dangerous and deadly than the first and second waves.

With the spread of the Coronavirus around the world, the epidemic changed all aspects of lifestyle, and the Afghan people have been severely affected by the virus.

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