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Registration process in Health Sector Announced; Female Applicants Not Allowed without Full Covering

DID Press: The National Examination Board has started the registration of applicants for the employment test in health posts, stressing women who do not comply the full covering required by the caretaker rule will not be allowed to enter the test center.

On January 1st, the examination board published a photo of a blue veil as an approved cover for female volunteers in a statement on its Facebook page.

The process of biometric data registration and registration for the professional exams in the Ministry of Public Health has started on Monday and will continue until Wednesday, the examination board added.
According to the statement, they are going to enroll about 5,500 people to participate in this employment test.

The National Examination Board has considered two separate places for the registration of applicants by gender: Kabul University for male applicants and Ghazanfar Institute of Education for female applicants.

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