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Russia-Belarus conduct joint Military Drills

Russia and Belarus have carried out joint military exercises near Russia’s western border with Estonia.
Vladimir Putin, the Russian president was among those watching the display of firepower on Monday afternoon at the Luga firing range, about 70 miles from the border with EU member state Estonia.
According to figures announced by Russia’s Defense Ministry, the drills were involved around 70 airplanes and helicopters, 10 combat ships, along with 680 units of combat equipment, including 250 tanks and 200 machine guns, multiple launch rocket systems and other heavy weaponry. Quoted from foreign media.
Meanwhile, Russia and Belarus’ Zapad military exercises have provoked concern among NATO members and allies in Eastern Europe. They have questioned Russia’s real intentions behind holding the Zapad-2017 and has accused Moscow of hiding the exact number of troops involved in the drills.
Zapad, which means “west” in Russian, is the reincarnation of a Soviet-era training exercise that involved Warsaw Pact countries, and is carried out every four years.

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