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Russia’s new batteries deploy in Tajikistan

Russia deployed new “Organ” Tank in its “201” base in Tajikistan.
Gen. Vladimir Zrdntsky, a field commander of Russian military vowed that a fire brigade equipped with Organ system formed in 201 bases in Tajikistan which it increases that country’s military power to counter air targets, specially in a mountainous area. Anatoly news agency quoted from Irna.
“Deploying these batteries do not violate international agreements,” he stressed.
220 mm Organ batteries with a range of 35 km are the most advanced targeting systems which it can be used even in a difficult situation such as a mountain.
It should be noted that the 201 Russian military base with seven thousand militaries has been established in Dushanbe, Qurghan Tapa and Kolab of Tajikistan.

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