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Serious Debates of Intra-Afghan talks to Begin tomorrow: Abdullah

The head of the high council for national reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah says that serious discussions of the intra-Afghan talks will begin on Wednesday.
“Yesterday, both sides [the Government and Taliban teams] held a meeting and heard each other’s opinions on the agenda. Today [Tuesday], the delegations have consultations among their members, and serious talks will begin tomorrow,” said Abdullah Abdullah at a meeting in Kabul on Tuesday.

According to him, both sides of the talks have a comprehensive agenda.
“What issues does our delegation want to address soon or what issues do they (the Taliban) want to address, the purpose should be achieving peace,” he stressed. “Ending the war and establishing peace in the country are the demands of the Afghan people,” he added.

Mr Abdullah emphasized that “peace” requires peaceful thinking and belief, hoping that the Taliban group would take a “big step” and seize this opportunity for establishing peace.
It is worth mentioning that talks on the agenda have reportedly begun on Saturday after the two sides agreed on the procedure of the negotiations last week.

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