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Talibani courtship

Members of Taliban group go to the homes of their loved ones on Sunday and Tuesday nights in Badghis province.
According to (DID) news agency report, Farid Akhizi, deputy to Badghis’ provincial council confirmed the news and said that Taliban members who are engaged go to their wives’ house for courtship in the middle of the week, instead of Friday night (according to Afghan traditions, there are limitations and specific days for a person who is engaged).

“Taliban children get engage between the ages of 15 to 25,” he explains.
He added that commanders and members of Taliban group have to pay an amount of money before the wedding, like the public.
It is reported that Taliban who has fiancée go to their wife’s house more in Jawand, Bala Morghab, and Qades districts.
Meanwhile, Khalid Safi, Badghis governor’s adviser said: “Taliban face with many security problems that have encountered with such status.”
He said: Taliban’s role has been reduced in the community compared to the past and their concerns are increasing day by day.
Taliban group has not commented yet.

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