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Taliban’s raid on Maimana failed

Yesterday (Monday, May 15th), sources in Faryab said that Taliban attacked on Maimana from two strengths.
According to (DID) news agency report, a security source in Faryab said that Taliban raided security stations around Maimana, the capital of Faryab province from south and east.
Security sources also said that a group of armed Taliban who moved to “Damqul” area, near a power substation, attacked a patrolling tank which was going toward the city by rocket and then the battle began.

A group of motorbike Taliban with two rangers and a tank moved to “Khaja Musa” area in “Azizabad” village and intend to attack “Cheghatek” security stations.
On the other hand, Sayed Anwar Sadat, Faryab governor said that they have known about the armed opponents’ plan beforehand.
“There are enough forces in the city and the commanders of the public uprising have been asked from different districts,” Faryab governor added.
Today morning, Mr. Sadat had a message to the people of Faryab. He reported about repelling enemy’s attacks and has ensured the citizens of the province that any attack will be failed.

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