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After testing N. Korean H-bomb

U.N’s Secretary-General calls Kim Jong-Un

U.N’s secretary-general Antonio Guterres in a telephone call with Kim Jong-Un, North Korean leader called on the country to halt its missile tests.
Reuters News Agency reported that Antonio Guterres, U.N’s secretary-general in a telephone conversation with North Korean leader, urged him to stop nuclear tests.
North Korea unveiled its most recent H-bomb yesterday morning, a test that its explosion caused an artificial earthquake at the bottom of the earth.
It is said – the bomb which its earthquakes caused by underground tests, were sensed in the neighboring countries – is the first bomb of the country that its destructive power is far more than U.S bombs dropped on Japan’s Nagasaki and Hiroshima during second World War.
Following this action, U.S president Donald Trump wrote on his twitter page that “North Korea tested a new bomb. This country continues its hostile behavior with the United States.”

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