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UN: 10 million Yemeni Children need help

OCHA vowed that nearly 10 million Yemeni children need urgent help.
U.N office for coordination of humanitarian affairs in a statement on its official twitter page vowed that about 10 million Yemeni children need help.
“Clashes have tarnished human dignity and in particular, increased the basic need of children in the country,” said the message on twitter.
UNICEF had previously vowed that 636,000 people including 150,000 Yemeni children under the age of five have been infected with cholera since 27 April 2017.
On this basis, 380,000 Yemeni children under the age of five, are at high risk of malnutrition and death. On the other hand, this figure is increasing.
According to 2014 data, 160,000 children were malnourished in Yemen before the outbreak of the war, reaching 210,000 in 2015 and 360,000 in 2016.
It should be noted that internal conflicts in Yemen and the expansion of wars, have deteriorated the health condition and severely weakened the economy that most caused the cholera disease in the country.

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