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17 armed Taliban killed and wounded in Herat province

Local officials of Herat province reported about killing and wounding 17 armed Taliban, as a result of joint operations of the security forces.
Jelani Farhad, spokesman of Herat governor told (DID) news agency that as a result of joint operations of the security forces, under the name of “Azm-e-Khalid number 1” which is launched to suppress the scaremongers in Shindand district, 10 armed Taliban were killed and 7 others injured.

“Areas covered by the operations, had been villages of Shahr-Abad and Jabr-Abad of Shindand district.” He added
“Some military equipment of Taliban have been destroyed too,” according to Mr. Farhad.

Local authorities of Herat vowed that the operations of “Azm-e-Khalid Number 1” are launched to destroy scaremongers in Shindand district of Herat province and will continue to eliminate all terrorists.

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