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2 Controversial Issues Slowed down Inter-Afghan talks

A member of the Afghan government’s negotiating team has said that two “controversial issues” have slowed down inter-Afghan talks, adding that these two issues are of great value to the Afghan government.

More than two weeks after talks between the Afghan and Taliban representatives began in Doha, Qatar, the two sides have not yet been able to agree on a framework and procedure for the talks.

Nader Naderi, a member of the Afghan government delegation said at a press conference on Monday that the debates need to continue.
“It has been almost 16 days since we officially started the dialogue process, the discussion is going well, in the course of these talks, the government’s negotiating team met yesterday evening with the other side’s contact group and discussed for about four hours,” he said.

Mr. Naderi mentioned two controversial issues that have slowed down the talks. However, he did not give further details, but said the two issues are very important to the Afghan delegation.
According to him, the contact group of the two sides will hold a session later on Monday too.
“The topic of the discussion is the agenda,” he added, saying that ceasefire is also on the agenda of the Afghan government’s negotiating team.

He continued that the values of the republic, the achievements of the last two decades, the ceasefire and the political system have been and will be raised by the government.

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