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US & NATO sought to vilify Russia in Afghanistan

Alexander Mantytskiy, Russian ambassador in Kabul, says that America and NATO’s fight against scaremongering has been failed during the past fifteen years, and now the powers sought to defame Russia in Afghanistan.
According to (DID) news agency report, Russian ambassador stressed by stating that American and NATO officials have overruled unfounded accusations over Russia that Moscow is apparently equipping and financing the Taliban group.

The Russian ambassador besides pointing to America and NATO failure in Afghanistan, said that the country (U.S.A) put its failures over Russia.
Mr. Mantytskiy also said that NATO and American officials do not have any evidence based on their statements, and of course there is not any document in this case.

Alexander Mantytskiy expressed his statements, while yesterday afternoon, nearly 40 employees of the ministry of defense have been sent to Russia for higher military education.
In 2017, the Russian government has allocated 650 military and civilian scholarships for the government of Afghanistan and these long-term cooperation of Moscow will continue in the field of education with Kabul.

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