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Time-Bomb to Explode Near Atmar’s Ear

Atmar talked about his power but not about the reason of his power. He showed a parade of power against his rivals within the ARG and outside the ARG (presidential palace).

Hanif Atmar’s talks and his propaganda rhetoric among the generals of the ministry of interior, as expected, were very polite and elegant, but there is a mythology called “Siren” (a creature who lures its prey with enchanting speech) Atmar’s sweet words is exactly the same. Atmar is a patient and clever politician. This can be understood through the tune of his words. When he was at the ministry of the interior affair, he had bought a large number of civil and press figures using the authority of the ministry. The list of those who were got paid monthly, discloses a figure between 120 to 135 people. These faces got $2,000 to $20,000 per month. The same thing he did at the ministry of education, having about 100 consultants and 80 contractor adviser. The most popular one was late Mr. “Ashpun” who was getting $25,000 per month.

His project did not end at the ministry of the interior affair, being ousted kept the story incomplete until today, until, pushed one of his loyal close friends to the ministry, finding an opportunity to move forward. After gaining authority at both security departments, he now has a chance to gain momentum and show his power. Apparently, he did not insult anyone, he named both the president and his deputies, the chief executive and his deputies, but targeted all of them. Humiliated all leaders, he showed that he is the first power in Afghanistan, he is the one who finds weapon, he is the one who talks with foreigners and earns money, he is the one who runs everything and the one who controls everything.

He is the one who determines the defense and interior minister and any General he wishes, makes useless. In fact, he is the commander of all power.
This was what it was talked about for a long time (Atmar’s unlimited power) he, of course, described himself as a faultless and innocent man, beside this show of power. He denounced the interior ministry for the martyrdom of youths, protesting [against the government], without giving himself a role at the event and of course, read the former interior minister and symbolically all Mujahidin as the oppressor and butcher of the youth.

He did not say, how he is innocent in these killings while all the power ends with him; he did not say, where the killer-officers got the authority to open fire at the protestors.
Atmar talked about his power but not about the reason of the power. He showed a parade of power against his rivals within the ARG and outside the ARG (presidential palace). He showed that he can even hire an agent from among them [among his rivals], and get the benefit of a ministry which the body is made by Panjsheris (one of the Afghan ethnics). Panjsheri commanders cheer for him, otherwise, he will destroy each one under the pretext of corruption. He did not say the money achieved from the cultivation of narcotics out of his evil triangle, is spent where and in favor of whom and ‘who becomes a millionaire this way.’

And how all of these drug millionaires are his friends and allies. He did not say how the next ring of the Evil Triangle is commanded by him to assassinate and to relocate explosives, but sadly disclosed himself, his biggest bluff was his excessive display of power that became his weakness. He unwantedly revealed his hands equipping the terrorists when he was wholeheartedly arguing that he is the only source of providing weapon in Afghanistan. He talked about selling weapon to terrorists and even distributing military equipment and bread to terrorists as a gift and confessed to his mistakes, his mistake! Psychologically, this is called subconscious foolishness. The result of his sweet speech turned completely against him. He in front of generals, admitted to his charges for one hour, like turbulent psychic. He revealed his concerns to all of his rivals and if these rivals have security intelligence, they have found out many of his weak-spots and his speech will explode like a reversible time-bomb against himself. This was his worst political mistake!

Faisal Yaqin – security expert – London
Translated by Taher Mojab

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