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A President who Reads His Duty BAD!

President Ghani has recently said, “being the president of Afghanistan is the worst job on earth.” But when I heard the president’s remarks, a lot of questions obsessed my mind and had a strange feeling. The question was, what is wrong with this “nation” that even their president who is a national symbol, calls his presidency seat ‘as the worst seat on the earth.’

The other question is that why “being a president” in Afghanistan, is the worst job?
The president posed the remarks while there is no security in Afghanistan, no peace, and not even the international supporters are satisfied with the situation, but who really is responsible for this situation and what factors have made Afghanistan’s political field so gloomy that the fire of the crisis and disarray have even challenged the head of the state, and he is terrified and tired out, ‘posing an excuse worse than the sin’ and openly vows it is not his fault and the only guilt is that he has been the president of Afghanistan!

Being the president of Afghanistan could be the best job on earth for Mr. Ghani, but that would be possible, if he correctly and responsibly took the presidency seat and ruled on justice, in a way that neither the right of the citizens were trampled nor anyone would feel the pain of indiscrimination this much.
The president is in fact at the head of a pyramid that people form its base, the people who should be considered apart from their ethnicity, race, religion, tribe, and side and the citizens should not be divided as first, second, third class, and so on.

If the head of state who is luckily or unluckily at the top of the pyramid, would decisively fight the discrimination, counter corruption and would observe the rights of the citizens which is one of the main components of democracy, now the status would be different and he would never complain and dissatisfied his duty.
But when the administration is full of monopolization and the president himself forms a “special circle” as well as considering ethnicity and blood as the criteria, then it is natural the story of governance and the fate of the presidential seat have such a destiny. Now here at the end, the president considers the nation guilty. A nation who had attended the election in the toughest condition and created an epic; hoping that their political future would be far from the past, but the process was rear-warded so much and lost its reputation up to the point, that they had to establish a coalition government; an administration that has been scandalous since its beginning and the “removal policy” forms the basis of its work – a policy which its consequences have exhausted the people and squeezed the farmers as well as the heads.

It is better for the president to take on his burden and this time should not blame the country and the nation; as he had dug a hole that now finds himself in the middle of it!

Zia Musawi – (DID) press agency
Translated by Taher Mojab

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