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Afghan Interior Ministry to Police: Shoot Criminals!

Afghanistan’s acting Interior Minister, Massoud Andarabi, told police forces that “when you encounter with criminals, shoot them, you know the principles of where to shoot.”

Visiting Kabul’s fifth police district on Saturday night, Mr Andarabi, in a video published by the Ministry of Interior Affairs, tells the police to shoot the criminals.
“If anyone complains about police firing on criminals, his/her complain would be with the Ministry of Interior,” he emphasized. Adding that “if the police confront and shoot at those who are carrying out armed resistance against the police, no one has the right to introduce the police to the prosecutor’s office”.

The Ministry of Interior had previously ordered the police to be decisive in dealing with the criminals and to shoot them if they resisted.
However, complaints have recently risen over crimes, targeted assassination, and IED blasts in capital Kabul.

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