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Afghan Workers’ status is alarming

The National workers’ union of Afghanistan says that if the government does not address their demands for raising workers’ salaries, they will make civilian moves.
“Although the president’s decree was made to increase the salaries of the workers, this ruling has not been implemented yet,” the chairman of national workers’ union of Afghanistan, Maruf Qadiri said Saturday (15 July) in a press conference.
“The average monthly salary of a worker should be raised to 12,500 Afn, considering the economic situation and the high material prices in the markets,” he stressed.
According to Mr. Qadiri, currently, the monthly salary of an Afghan worker is 5000 Afn, which this amount cannot meet their basic requirements.
On the other hand, officials in the Ministry of Finance say that the issue of increasing salaries of workers is being investigated and will be addressed considering the financial resources.

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