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Afghanistan fighting with 20 terrorist groups: president Ghani

In Munich security conference, President Ghani demanded continued support of the international community on Afghanistan’s efforts to full defeat terrorism in the country.

The president also said that Afghanistan government is busy fighting with “20 terrorist groups” and asked the international community to back the government’s efforts to full defeat terrorism in the country.

President Ghani, who was taking in Munich security conference, said: in 2001, international coalition led by America came to Afghanistan to prevent from “September 11th incidence.” Although the country has experienced great advances, but 20 terrorist groups are working to breach Afghanistan’s peace and security and that is why there is much work left that need global support. Quoted from (BBC).

Afghanistan is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism and we are not only struggling for our freedom, but this is a war for global security, he added.
Mr. Ghani again stressed: although, most analysts were predicting the collapse of government two years ago, but the country’s security forces did not allow the enemy to reach any of its strategic goals and the oppositions do not hold any province.

He underlined that Afghanistan’s war is not a civil war, because civil war emerges as a result of political differences. This is a terrorist war, war on narcotic drugs and a non-declared war between the two countries.
President Ghani had said before that there is a non-declared war going on between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It can be said that Mr. Ghani thoroughly mentioned on the issue of state support from terrorist groups and asked the international community to “isolate” those countries that support terrorism.

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