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Axis of Russia, Iran, Turkey; Afghanistan next Target

The Afghan central administration led by Mr. Ashraf Ghani should pay attention to the sensitive position of his time, and avoid building a single ethnic power.

America has raged Pakistan – its longest ally – and relations clouded between US and Pakistan after announcing its new strategy on Afghanistan, and giving India more role. On the other hand, the United States has put away its close ally (Turkey) in Syria and Iraq by backing up Kurds in Syria and Iraq, and sheltering Fethullah Gulen. At this time, Russia, Iran, and Turkey have formed a triangle which recently met in “Sochi” to peacefully resolve Syrian crisis, leaving US behind. Although, these countries have publicly discussed about joint cooperation to Syrian crisis, but it is believed their joint cooperation experience in Syrian will also spread to Afghanistan. Because the heads of these states said in a joint statement in Sochi that “we continue to destroy Daesh (ISIL) completely.” The presence of ISIL in Afghanistan will probably drag the triangle into this country. Russia and Iran are not satisfied with the presence of US in the region, and Turkey’s approach to Russia and Iran shows this country also does not want America in the region.

News leaked to media outlets, saying Russia and Iran have far more links Taliban than a diplomatic relation. On the one side, Russia gives war helicopters to the Afghan government and on the other side, arming the Taliban. “Iran is also the same as Russia,” said General John Nicholson, the senior US commander in Afghanistan, criticizing this action.
But it seems, what bring Russia and Iran close in Afghanistan is the axis of Daesh and America, not the Taliban, this is also interesting for Turkey. Because latest US policy was not satisfactory for Turkey, and this country also wants to decrease America’s role in the region.

The role of Russia, Iran, and Turkey cooperation in Afghanistan
Unlike the Americans’ imagination and Barak Obama’s policy which Afghanistan was expected to become a place of conflict, it has become a place of cooperation. The joint border of Iran and Afghanistan, and the proximity of Afghanistan to Russia’s backyard, has strongly worried both countries over the development of radicalism in the territory of the two countries. So, backing up Taliban is consistent with the foreign policy of Russia, Iran, and Turkey; because Taliban want the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan’s soil. This triangle uses Taliban to put pressure on America. Taliban as a tool to put pressure on America and also as troops to fight against ISIL on behalf of its opponents is active in Afghanistan. Supporting Taliban against ISIL and America will make a new game in Afghanistan which is not for the benefit of Afghan people. Because experience in Syria has shown that even if a faction wins the war, the country which the war is going on in, is severely damaged and all its infrastructure will be destroyed.

Relations with the government:
Supporting the Taliban does not mean the above triangle is seeking to exchange the central government with Taliban, and the support will be two-sided, beside putting pressure on the central government, this triangle needs both the Taliban and the Afghan government. They are supporting Taliban to put pressure on America and fighting Daesh, and needs the Afghan central government to prevent the spread of radicalism in the Central Asia, having its support. According to experts, the Afghan government is seeking to implement US plan to insecure the Central Asia due to having close relations with America.

The Afghan central administration led by Mr. Ashraf Ghani should pay attention to the sensitive position of his time, and avoid building a single ethnic power; because this issue was the first challenge in Syria and Iraq that take them toward crisis. On the other hand, involving different countries was the next challenge that made the Syrian and Iraqi crisis hotter. It seems that Afghanistan is gradually getting close to both crises. On the one hand, the government is controlled by a particular circle and on the other hand, the interference of various countries except America is increasing in Afghanistan. If the Afghan government wants to avoid the Syrian and Iraqi crisis, it must put an end to its single ethnic power, and also by getting the confidence of the neighboring countries, does not allow a proxy war in the country. Otherwise, the dark and bloody destiny of Syria and Iraq is waiting for Afghanistan.

Mahdi Sarbaz – (DID) news agency
Translated by Taher Mojab

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