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Gunmen again Assassinate 6 Shia Citizens, including 2 Religious Scholars in Herat 

DID Press: 6 individuals, including 2 Shia religious scholars, were reportedly murdered by unknown gunmen and 3 others were injured in western Herat province.

In “Korra Milli” area of Jabraiel city, gunmen on Friday afternoon attacked a number of Shia citizens; six individuals were killed and 3 more were injured.
Among the dead are 4 women and 2 Imams of local mosques.
According to reports, Mohammad Mohsen Hamidi Imam of Hazrat-e Abulfazl Mosque and Mohammad Taqi Sadeqi Imam of Rasool-e Azam Mosque lost their lives. 

On the other hand, reports indicate that 9 individuals were killed in this armed attack.
Days ago, Sheikh Rajab Akhlaqi and Khadim Hossain Hedayati, two members of the Shia Ulema Council of Herat province, were shot and killed by unknown gunmen in Al-Mahdi town of Jabraiel city.

In reaction to this attack, UN special rapporteur Richard Bennett “urged a thorough independent investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice in line with international standards”. 
The residents of Herat have come out to the streets and staged protests following the incidents. 
This comes as Taliban officials have repeatedly claimed security is guaranteed in the country.

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