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Hekmatyar & launching a language War project!

In the last four decades, the war in Afghanistan has had a more ethnic and party character, during this time, the ethnicity and party (Hezb) flavor, has been the reason of war among the people of this land, more than anything else. Cities burnt and thousands were killed.
But these days and with the arrival of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the issue has complicated than ever. It seems that he has carried the bossy greed while in exile, and that, was coming to power by any method. From the coordination of his daughters at the U.S embassy in Kabul to the mediation of some intelligence agencies led to his arrival in Afghanistan.

But now, Mr Hekmatyar wants to mobilize the public opinion, using language, sect and ethnic in his own favor. However, Hekmatyar Knows that arguing on faction-ethnic thought does not have that much gain for him and cannot accomplish his political goals. Therefore, he speaks less about his faction and ethnicity and keeps it a secret, instead focusing more on tools such as “language” and “sect.”
In the most recent case, Hekmatyar has talked about “national terminology” that according to him, Iran terminology has taken its place and words such as university (Daneshgah) and student (Daneshju) … have become common in this territory.
To answer the leader of a party who does not know anything about language, first, it should be said that words such as university and student are Persian, before being Iranian! And many times came in the poetry of the ancient poets of this country. I do not know, why he decides instead of millions of citizens of this land to use “Pohana” – a Pashtu word used to refer to knowledge” instead of “Danesh” – a Persian word used to refer to knowledge. There is not anyone to tell him, not to relate his personal complex that of the Iranian establishment, to domestic issues.

Persian geography is not just limited to Iran, but is also a spiritual and scientific geography which is located in the heart of Lahore that is represented by Iqbal Lahori and its flag rises in India, and Bidel Dehlavi is the guardian. Similarly, Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan and … are each part of a world of literature and thought that their fragments have been cut off everywhere.
Therefore, it is unfair and a kind of language domination that in the 21st century which shed light everywhere and that the historical ignorance is buried in the slope … but this backward figure from culture and literature wants to revive a nightmare once again and launch conflicts of its linguistic form, as a result, catch fish in the troubled water.
What a wishful thinking!…
Zia Musawi – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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