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Intellectual Origins of ISIS

The Identity of Daesh terror group is known as political identity that has violent approach in order to achieve their goals, but for exact realization should look at the conceptual foundations of Daesh (ISIS).
Despite well-known looks, ISIS is not a political group, but represents a school of thought that has violent, fundamentalist approach towards religion. Therefore, to exactly recognize them, should consider the presuppositions of thought which tied up with this school:

1- ISIS that is the representative of the Salafi and Wahhabi school of thought, the first assumption for reading the religion, is lack of flexibility in understanding the religion and not paying attention to the time and place to implement their Islamic jurisprudence that follow violent approach.
Because ISIS is a Salafi and Wahhabi school of thought, the dream and main goal of this group, is to establish an Islamic government that the law and instructions of the government is a religious law which is linked with violence.
Nevertheless, Al-Qaeda is also a follower of Salafi and Wahhabi school of thought, but the difference with ISIS, is the field of actions and goals.
Al-Qaeda is attempting to revive Islamic Emirate in limited countries, but ISIS is trying to revive the Islamic Caliphate throughout the world. Although from the point of assumption for reading the religion, are in common with each other, but practically ISIS has more violence than Al-Qaeda and Taliban.

2- The second presupposition that is set forth to ISIS from understanding the religion and also has more attention to it, is considering their oppositions as pagan and heathen. For example, a dry understanding from monotheism, is somewhat dogmatic, and knows other sects and factions that do not accept those dry readings, as pagan and heathen.
Attacks that occurred on Shiite mourners in “Sakhi shrine” and “Baqer-ul Olum mosque” last year in Kabul and Daesh took the responsibility, stems from the assumptions of understanding religion that considers other sects and factions as pagan and heathen due to differences of opinion, and must go with Jihad gun to kill them.
So, one of the important goals of ISIS group is violent opposition against other sects and factions.

3- The third presupposition that ISIS has official reading from the religion, is that after Allah (God) and the prophet, the leader or caliph who is chosen, whatever they order, is the order of God and messenger and whatever the caliph understand from the religion, is the concept which is approved and signed by Allah (God) and the messenger.
For example, from the early history of Islam to the present day, has not heard the name of Jihad-Nikah in any religious books of Islamic factions and sects, but Daesh group that by the command of their caliph, their disciples gave him the nickname of Amir-ul Momenin, placed as new Fatwa position that was not seen in Islamic books and gave instruction to members of the group to Jihad-Nikah.

4- The fourth presupposition that has mainly psychological aspect, is that Daesh wants to return the authority which Muslims had during Ottoman period and then fell back.
But considering the fact that many Muslim groups tried to revive the Ottoman Empire and did not achieve that pride and honor which was in Ottoman Empire era, and mostly defeated, ISIS took radical understanding to return the pride and honor of Muslims in Ottoman Empire and also fears that like other groups that failed and not to face their destiny, considers violence to terrorize their opponents and to weaken the will of resistance in others.
Hasan Wahidi – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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