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Intra-Afghan Talks to Take 20-day Break

Peace negotiating teams in Doha decided to take a 20-day break, according to reports.
After reaching an agreement on procedure of the talks, the negotiation teams of the Afghan government and the Taliban decided to resume the talks on agenda after three weeks.

A source from the government’s delegation said that they would travel to Kabul in the coming days.
According to the source, members of the both teams planned the break as they had not seen their family members in the past few months.

Meanwhile, a source in the High council for National Reconciliation said that both teams had agreed on the break, but the final decision has not been taken so far.
The intra-Afghan talks started in Doha on 12 September. After months of debates and consultations, the two sides reached an agreement on the procedure of the negotiations.
However, the two sides have not officially commented yet.

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