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Iranian Experts Allowed to Visit Kajaki Dam: Iran’s Special Envoy 

DID Press: Iran’s ambassador and special representative for Afghanistan affairs, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, said the Taliban have allowed Iranian experts to visit Kajaki Dam.

The special representative and head of the Iranian embassy in Kabul said that the Taliban have allowed Iranian experts to visit Kajaki Dam.
“The Taliban must adhere to the Treaty of Iran’s water rights from the Helmand River,” he said. 
“Agreements have been made so that our experts can go visit the region (where Kajaki Dam is located) and pave the way for the release of water. Today, Sistan is in trouble. The Islamic Republic of Iran is not oblivious to this issue,” said the head of Iran’s embassy in Kabul. 

Regarding the relationship between the two neighboring countries, Iran’s special representative for Afghanistan said, “We are two neighboring countries with a long common border and have religious commonalities, ancient ties between the governments, and the realm of civilization. From the perspective of the economy and trade, Afghanistan is a good trade market for our exports. We must count on it and pay attention to it, and we must create structures and appropriate laws for the development of commercial and economic relations. Afghanistan is one of the first countries we export the most to. During the last year, trade relations between the two countries totaled 1.8 billion dollars, while Afghanistan lost more than 70% of its income, which was mainly foreign income. We have the first figure among the countries. We did not neglect the issue of trade as well.” 

In the past, Iranian officials, including the president, had criticized the Taliban’s non-compliance with the right to water, something the Taliban officials have repeatedly said they are committed to Iran’s right from the Helmand River.

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