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Lebanese PM Suspends Shock Resignation after returning Home

Saad Hariri, who attended a military parade held in Beirut for Independence Day on Wednesday, and suspended his surprise resignation to allow more talks after meeting the president.

After returning to Lebanon for the first time since he resigned as prime minister in a broadcast from Saudi Arabia and plunged his country into political crisis, now takes back his resignation. BBC Reported.
After landing in Beirut on Tuesday evening, Hariri visited the grave of his father, the late Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

When asked what he would like to tell the Lebanese as he was leaving the grave, the premier said “Thank you,” in reference to the support and solidarity he had received from the Lebanese after his resignation.
Hariri, 47, arrived alone in Beirut without his wife, who according to sources close to the premier, has gone back to Saudi Arabia to join her two children.
As Hariri’s arrival was announced in the capital, supporters of his Future movement drove around the streets waving pictures of him.
The premier is scheduled to attend an Independence Day ceremony in Beirut on Wednesday along with other Lebanese officials.

Hariri suspended his resignation while he had previously traveled to Egypt and Paris, after announcing his resignation in a televised message on November 4 from Saudi Arabia, a highly unusual move that raised suspicions that he may have been forced to step down by his Saudi patrons as part of Riyadh’s escalation against Iran and Hezbollah.

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