Pentagon’s new plan to destroy ISIS

“America will continue fighting against Daesh (ISIS) in the world,” Jeff Davis, a spokesman for Pentagon said.
According to (DID) news agency report, America’s ministry of defense/Pentagon, offered its first scheme to combat against Daesh terror group to the white-house. Quoted from (TRT).
“This is not just a military plan and has targeted not only fighting Daesh in Iraq and Syria, but also in the world.” Pentagon’s spokesman added.
Davis besides mentioning that this project gives the concept of defeating Daesh, asserted that the project also plans to quickly beat terrorists.

Davis emphasized that the plan covers all elements of national powers, including diplomacy, finance, information, cyber and public diplomacy. He said diplomatic engagements with states in the region, in relation to counter – Daesh, Turkey and Russia forms the important part of this plan.
Trump administration claims that beating terrorist groups is one of the priority objectives of America’s foreign policy.

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