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Rahmatullah Nabil’s Revelation about recent Explosions in Kabul

The Fatwas and legitimacy of massacring innocent people in Kabul and other cities, villages, and towns of Afghanistan, which is in full swing these days, must have been issued by two sources:

First, according to Taliban’s chief justice Sheikh Abdul Hakim’s Fatwas (Fatwa in Islam, is a formal ruling or interpretation on a point of Islamic law given by a qualified legal scholar).
Second, a second authority outside the Taliban’s dominance.

Based on accurate and documented information, I have repeatedly said that some of the attacks in Kabul and other cities are carried out by small terrorist groups that are directly controlled by Pakistan’s intelligence services. Mostly, the Taliban leadership is not even aware of this massacre plan!

It is quite clear the Taliban cannot take a stance in this regard, because they are not independent and Pakistan has taken them hostage, Otherwise, the Taliban are well aware of which groups are killing defenseless Afghans with direct guidance from the Pakistani intelligence, but cannot take stance out of fear.
For two main reasons, the Taliban cannot take a stance: first, a serious question would arise for the public opinions and the international community that if the Taliban leadership does not dominate their ranks, why the reconciliation should be done only with the Taliban?
Second, if the Taliban have full control over their file-and-ranks, then how and why the Afghan people should trust them that they have changed, despite such massacre of the innocent people!

Now, I share information with the people and the security and defense forces about the terrorist ring being behind some terrorist attacks, and which is directed by Pakistan’s intelligence services, because the responsible sections of the government have closed our relationship channels due to political reasons and imposed information sanctions on us. Not a big deal, we fulfill our national and conscientious duty which is informing the people.

This is Haji Ahmad Shah, who has close ties with ISI and MI or Pakistan’s military intelligence service. He is actively involved in terrorist activities in Kabul city and some Afghan provinces under the auspices of Pakistani intelligence.
Under the guidance of Pakistani intelligence, he has directly cooperated with the “Taliban, Haqqani Network and Lashkar-e-Taiba” in terms of logistics in Afghanistan and has paved the way for terrorist attacks.
Haji Ahmad Shah also visited Kabul and has close relations with some individuals. He has a great role in recent attacks in Kabul.

The second person is Qari Jawad, who is directly supported and funded by ISI and leads nearly 500 combatants. Qari Jawad has been active in the Logar province and Kabul districts. He is directly involved in the recent attacks in Kabul.

The third person is Saifullah Mujahid Haqqani, who is responsible for training suicide bombers and making explosive materials. He has enough experience in this field.
Saifullah Mujahid Haqqani is involved in highway bombings and targeted assassinations. He is directly guided by the Pakistani intelligence and fulfills their orders.

Note: From the Facebook page of Rahmatullah Nabil, former Director of National Directorate of Security (NDS), Afghanistan.

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