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Rising Violence against Women in Badakhshan

Office of the independent human rights commission of Badakhshan province gave notice about an increase of 43 percent violence against women compared to last year.
According to (DID) news agency report, Badakhshan provincial head of the independent human rights commission, Arifa Nawid said: most of the violence occurred in the areas and districts of this province, which are under the control of Taliban.

According to the statistics of human rights department in Badakhshan, from October 2015 so far, 5 cases of murder and 66 other violence against women have been registered to the office.
Although she did not provide the statistics of last year’s violence; but said killing and abuses against women have an unprecedented increase in this province.
Women rights activists in Badakhshan province criticize the failure to address the cases of victims of violence in the province.

“Violence not only increased in districts, but also most girls face physical and psychological violence in the center of Faizabad city; but responsible entities do not prevent it.” Sodaba Sahar, one of the activist said.
Badakhshan province witnessed the murder of a woman and another woman stoned to death by the Taliban in the past week.

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