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Russian envoy in Afghanistan:

U.S strategy fails in Afghanistan

America’s strategy has completely failed in Afghanistan, Russian special envoy on Afghanistan’s affairs, Zamir Kabulov said.
Zamir Kabulov in an interview with “Azurizia” newspaper stated that the American strategy has completely faced failure in Afghanistan.
“This is the United Nations report. The situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated and will get worse, because the U.S does not want to completely change its strategy toward Afghanistan,” Kabulov said.
He stressed that Americans has talked about the new strategy on Afghanistan, but has not vowed yet.
The Russian envoy added that instability can cause grave consequences in the region and Moscow is therefore, trying to prevent Afghanistan from facing such consequences.
“The current status can be called a major crisis that Russia does not want it. Afghanistan can turn to an international terrorism incubator,” Kabulov underlined.
According to the United Nations report, 5243 people have been killed and injured in Afghanistan since the beginning of 2017. Almost the same as 2016. Now the Taliban and IS have become strong enough to attack the center and control 40 percent of the territory of Afghanistan.

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