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Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan:

“We will connect Badakhshan to China”

The Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan vowed that his country intends to connect Badakhshan province to China through building Ashkashim district’s road to Tajikistan border.
Yao Jing, ambassador of the people’s republic of China in Kabul, in his visit from Badakhshan province in the north of the country said: “we plan to connect this province to China by constructing Ashkashim district’s road to Tajik border.”
“China is ready to cooperate with the government of Afghanistan, transferring Fiber optic lines to Badakhshan,” he added, saying the construction of the road will soon begin.
In response to the request of Badakhshan governor Ahmad Faisal Begzad, the Chinese ambassador during his trip vowed: “we will cooperate with the province in areas of training, higher education, agriculture, and health as well as considering separate scholarships for the students of the province.”
This is the first time that a senior Chinese diplomat travel to Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province.

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