Where is the problem?

History witnesses that Extremist groups have never achieved their goals and aspirations, using violent acts such as explosions, suicide attacks and assassinations. Although, the use of such tools to create fear and panic among the various sectors of society have been affective; but has never obtained the will and determination of a nation to accomplish their goals and ideals.
Pages of history witness many brutal murders and massacres which have been carried out by authoritarian and extremist groups, but none could reach their goals and wishes by applying force and killing people. Although, a lot of innocent people have lost their lives in various periods of history during injustice and Authoritarianism of extremist groups, but freedom light and the fight against injustice have remained brighter than ever.

This territory has also seen many oppression and authoritarianism by brutal and dictatorial people, who have always chased exploitations of innocent people to achieve their interests. Exile and forced displacement of residents in different parts by flimsy excuses, confiscation of lands and property of lower classes of the society, monopoly of all assets and social and political privileges of the community and … were the examples of injustice and oppression that our society has seen during different periods of modern history.

Now, after the fall of Taliban, Afghanistan has been focused by the international community too and our society has actually entered its new cultural, social and political phase. The United States of America and its allies backed Afghan armed and security forces to fight against scaremongers and terrorist groups. Afghanistan’s military and security forces have suffered a lot of casualties, fighting against scaremongers. America and other donor countries to Afghanistan have spent a lot of money in the fields of peace and security of Afghanistan, but considering this much money which has been spent in this sector; the continued insecurity and instability are not over. In a way that every day, we witness an increase in the offensive and suicide attacks of the anti-government oppositions in Kabul and other parts of the country – attacks that took the lives of a lot of civilians and bereaving many families.

Where is the problem? Why according to modern security equipment of foreign troops and financial, equipment and intelligence support of foreign forces to Afghan militants, the security is still not decreased?
How is it possible that scaremongers have gained such capability that can easily pass through security cameras and crossed belts of Afghanistan’s military troops and transfer a car full of explosives even to ARG palace’s doors and explode it among hordes of citizens? Does the ability of Afghan security forces is lower than the equipment and intelligence of scaremonger groups; or weakness and corruption among security installations caused wear and failure of the country’s armed and security forces?
Different answers may be offered in response to the above questions, but after all, the charged finger must be pointed toward the nation of Afghanistan. Irregularities, that now the everyday result is taking the lives of many civilians in the country, are the consequences of low intelligence and political participation of citizens that one of the result is choosing representatives who are bribed and stimulated with a little mention. Representatives that practically witness appointing incompetent and inefficient security managers at high levels and easily have closed their eyes on them and with little justification or lure pass them through parliament channel. Informed election of people in selecting their representatives could have a better status in different fields of political, economic and social lives of them.

In addition to mentioned reasons, one of the other factors of continuation war and insecurity in Afghanistan can be considered west’s method in the fight against scaremongers in Afghanistan. The U.S.A and other western countries seek to suppress and fight against scaremongers, instead of dealing with the reason of extremism and religious extremists. The consequence of activities and presence of dogmatic and extremist Mullahs in the religious schools of Afghanistan and Pakistan would not be anything but promotion of religious extremism in the region. There are schools that officially work in Kabul and other provincial capitals and easily play with the emotion of youths and encourage them to religious extremism. It cost little for them to attract unaware youths to join the Taliban and other extremist groups.

Countries sponsoring Afghan people led by the U.S.A need to change their policies and programs to fight radicalism and extremism in Afghanistan. The roots that create religious terrorism should be identified and drained and their financial sources should be cut as well and it should be countered with countries and people that have an active role in funding religious extremism.
Ismael Hashimi – (DID) press agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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