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14 Districts Cleared of Taliban

Afghan national defense and security forces have cleared fourteen districts of the Taliban, says Ministry of Interior spokesman Tariq Arian.

The Ministry spokesman told reporters on Monday that the general downfall of some districts is Taliban propaganda, and government forces have been able to drive the Taliban fighters out of 14 districts.

According to him, unlike Taliban fighters, the Afghan military has a strong presence throughout the country.
“Fall means the collapse of an outpost, not the geography of a district. However, we liberated 10 to 14 district centers from the terrorist Taliban,” Arian added.
The Ministry spokesman did not name the district centers.

Arian acknowledged that in some districts, Afghan troops have changed their positions because, in his words, “a soldier’s life is more important than the land”.
The Ministry of Defense, meanwhile, said that as a result of operations and clashes in the past 24 hours, 244 Taliban fighters were killed in eight provinces and 141 others were wounded.

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